Friday, 18 November 2011

Marcy Platinum Smith Machine & Weight Set Package - An Ideal Home Gym For Starters, Intermediates or Advanced Users

This Marcy Platinum Package that we've created is designed to appeal to any body looking for a complete home gym, it comes with a variation of 90kg's worth of plates of both small and large increments. This gym can be used for those just looking to start out as it has some excellent safety features for safety whilst training but at the same time it has expansive weight loads of up to 270kg including the user for those who'd like to make full use of the 90kg provided.

The Smith Machine itself is actually extremely versatile with the range of exercise options available, the weight bench is completely detachable to allow you to access the lower pulley system at the bottom of the gym and also to do squats with the smiths barbell. At the same time it gives you the benefit of been able to use the weight bench with free weight dumbells an essential part of any training regime. In the reverse case you can combine the bench and smith machine together for bench pressing which can be done in a flat, incline or decline position due to the benches adjustable features, shoulder press can also be done by adjusted the bench to a 90 degree angle. If all of this wasn't enough then there's also a high pulley station, various different attachments can be put on to it (some of which are already included) for lat pulldowns, tricep pushdowns and the list goes on and on. Quite frankly you can train any major muscle group and more, thoroughly and most importantly safely as well.

The actually quality of the fitness machine is brilliant, particularly for the price you pay. The pressing arm uses ultra glide bushings for a frictionless movement and the pulleys use sealed nylon bearings for the same effect. The heavy duty steel frame ensures complete stability when in use and the powder coated finishing means the gym stays looking as new as the day you bought it. All these features collaborate to make an awesome value for money home fitness package that you can use for as long as you deem necessary.

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