Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Total Trainer Pilates Home Gyms Back In Stock!

The forever popular Total Trainer Pilates Gyms have recently returned back into stock in the UK once again. These versatile machines provide users with a vast variation of exercise options to be used against there own bodyweight without taking up massive amounts of space. You can set the Total Trainer Gyms at varying gradients to determine how much resistance you generate from your bodyweight, the lower the angle the easier it is. The Total Trainers are also foldable so can be quickly collapsed and transported on the pre-installed wheels out of the way when not in use.

The Total Trainer is one of our longest selling products and we've spoken to customers who still have there's ten years down the line, a testament to their durability and value for money. They're suitable for any age group as the pulley system follows your body's natural movements so that no undue stress is applied to your muscles.

The starting price for one of these fitness machines is £259.99. For this price you get the Total Trainer 2500. Equipped with a full range of angles to adjust and the option to slide additional weight plates on for those who need even more resistance, included is also several attachments such as an ab crunch strap and also an arm curl bar. This machine will allow you to work every major muscle group in your body from chest to back to legs whether you want to tone up or bulk up it will accommodate your needs.
If your looking for the top of the range Total Trainer then you'd be looking for the 3500 gym priced at £299.99. This exercise machine covers all the same features as the 2500 however it's designed to accommodate taller, heavier users. The 2500 is ideal for those below 6ft but above that and you want to be looking for the 3500 to suit your usage as it has an extended longer frame. You can lift from 4-69% of your bodyweight on this machine and gradually progress as you train to notice significant results. 

Both of these home gym machines are foldable so space is not an issue, all you need to decide now is which one would be more suitable for you. If you would like to find out more about the features of the Total Trainers please visit: http://www.purefitnessandsports.co.uk/TotalTrainer or alternatively you can call and speak to one of our helpful advisor's on 0845 45 999 75.

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