Monday, 5 December 2011

Adidas Pull & Dip Power Tower - New In Stock Today!

New in today from Pure Fitness & Sports is the Adidas Pull & Dip Power Tower, we can guarantee premium quality from this established brand, this power tower will be capable of enduring years of intense bodyweight training the best way to build you natural strength and for rapid gains upper body muscle mass. 

The Adidas Pull Up & Dip Station will provide the ultimate bodyweight exercise experience to infuse gains in muscle on your chest, back, arms and abdominals. It will increase natural upper body strength producing better results throughout your entire training plan. It has foldable dipping handles for easier access to the multiple grip and angle pull up bar to work various angles of your back. The powerstation is ergonomically designed to take the stress of your shoulders rotator cuff whilst in use and provide full attention to the muscle been exercised.  

The Adidas gym also has multiple points of floor contact to distribute the weight evenly and increase the machines sturdiness and durability. The powder coated finish will keep the home gym in excellent condition throughout the endless workouts it will provide.

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