Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Marcy Iron Grip MD857 Olympic Weight Bench With Walk In Squat System

The Marcy Iron Grip Olympic Weight Bench is a heavy duty bench designed for heavy training exercises on all major muscles groups throughout the body. The 270kg weight load limit is a testament to this benches durability and quality components.

The Marcy Weight Bench features an adjustable backpad system allowing for incline, flat and decline positions for bench press. The adjustable bar catchers can accommodate any of these angles allowing for the optimum position to rest your barbell before and after pressing. There are also two safety catchers that are located below these as a fall back for if the weight is too heavy to bring back up you can drop it onto these safety catchers ideal for safe weight training on your own.

The home gym also has the rather unique option of a rear walk in squat rack. It has twin bar catchers on the reverse side of the bench to accommodate a 7ft barbell as well to give you the option to exercise your legs, coupled with the leg developer on the front you can get an excellent leg workout just from this gym machine alone, the preacher pad located at the front will help substantially in developing your biceps too.

If you looking to put on some serious muscle and sculpt your body then this olympic bench from Marcy will be absolutely ideal for you.

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