Thursday, 12 January 2012

Everlast Weight Sets Fortek Design Now In Stock!

The unique new range of Everlast weight sets are now in stock at PureFitness & Sports. The Fortek design weights consist of a 15kg dumbell set, a 25kg and a 50kg set that both include a barbell and also dumbell bars with an assortment of slick designed weight plates that can be chop and changed for different weight plates to be put onto the weight bars.

The 15kg dumbell set consists 4 x 1kg & 4 x 2.5kg plates with the bars and collars as well, it's ideal for starters that are just looking for a good free weight workout that allows them to exercise every muscle on their body. This set can be viewed here for further information:
The 25kg weight set includes 6 x 1.1kg, 6 x 2.5kg plates with a straight bar & dumbell bars. This set can be used to add more muscle mass particular to the larger muscle groups such as chest, back and legs as the straight bar allows you to use some heavier weights for these muscles to take a pounding, you of course have the dumbells to work all your smaller muscle groups as well. This et can be viewed here for further information:
Now the 50kg weight set is the biggest out of the Fortek design range and consists of 6 x 5kg, 4 x 2.5kg, 6 x 1.1kg with the straight bar and dumbells once again. Just like the 25kg set this is ideal for adding pounds of muscle in all areas, if you combine with a weight bench it also increases your exercise range and capabilities too. The beauty of the going for the50kg weight set is that it provides plenty of weight to allow for improvement and progression in your training so you don't have to keep constantly buying extra weight plates. If you'd like to view this set then please view here:
We've provided a range of these sets to accommodate each persons individual needs and requirements so we only hope that one of these has everything you need to get the results you'd like.

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