Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Marcy GS99 Multi Gym with Dual Weight Stack Stations

The GS99 Dual Station Multi Gym from Marcy Fitness is a highly convenient, versatile piece of gym equipment. It's dual station feature permits two people to work out on the gym simultaneously each with a 70kg stack to exercise from, even though this key feature dominates the gym it also has plenty more to give.

This two station system allows for a couple more exercise options to be applied, for example the GS99 has it's own shoulder press and leg press to substantially assist in increasing both lower and upper body strength not common in a lot of multi gyms. It also follows all of the conventional exercise systems on the alternative station like an independent chest press and pec dec, preacher pad and high and low pulley systems too. All of these options available will give the user the ability to exercise very muscle group with variation which is key to muscle growth and high motivation, with the heavy weight stacks to back it up you can also progress with each training session another key contributor to seeing gains in muscle.

This gym is one of the safest and smoothest to use, it works through 900kg tensile aircraft cables to endure the most intense use for prolonged periods of time, these are guided through 4" sealed pulley bearings to give users a smooth gliding motion so they can enjoy their workouts.

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