Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Weider C700 Smith Machine with 180kg Olympic Weight Set

This brand new package including the Weider C700 Smith Machine and a 180kg of vinyl weight plates with barbell we have released holds high expectations with what you get for the price, we've tried to make it an affordable ultimate home gym package without losing a high standard of quality at the expense of the price.

The C700 Smith Machine does this down to a tee, the rack can pile on loads of up to 310lbs with the bar, this alone is a testament to the durability and standard of the gym. The solid construction consists primarily of oversized tubular framework for a long life span of intense use, combined with the ultra-glide bushings installed throughout the smith machine you can expect many a fantastic workout from this bit of gym equipment.

Almost any exercise can be performed throughout the C700 Smith, the dual high pulley system is designed primarily for cable crossovers however tricep pushdowns and lat pulldowns can also be performed, also featured is the low pulley system, pec dec and a fold out dip and leg raise station to add some natural body weight exercises into the mix for you as well.

The weight bench is completely detached from the actual cage itself which can be highly useful to combine with some free weight dumbells, with the bench been adjustable from decline, flat and incline this would pretty much complete a full exercise regime, you could work any muscle with a variation of exercises.

You also have the 185kg vinyl weight set so that you have tons of weight for progression in your training, the weight plate breakdown consists of these: 7ft bar, 4 x 15.5kg Vinyl Olympic plates, 8 x 11kg Vinyl Olympic plates, 4 x 4.5kg Vinyl Olympic plates, 4 x 2.25kg Vinyl Olympic plates. A good blend of larger to smaller plates allows you to adapt whichever size plates you need depending on the exercises you are doing.

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