Tuesday, 14 February 2012

BH Fitness Iridium Avant Self Generating Elliptical Cross Trainer - No Mains Required

The Iridium Avant is an outstanding elliptical cross trainer from BH Fitness, for £699.99 it's surprising the standard of the features and quality of the machine that you get for the money. This BH Fitness machine is now exclusive to us in the UK, we wouldn't put faith in a product if we didn't think it was an excellent investment.

The BH Iridium Cross Trainer has an oversized flywheel of 16kg, with cross trainers in general the larger the flywheel the better the feel and quality of the machine, 16kg can be classed as a much larger flywheel so you can expect a smooth, fluid gliding motion with no jerky movements whatsoever. Couple this with a 16" stride length (the longer the stride the more natural the cross trainer feels) and you have the two elements that signify a premium elliptical trainer. This BH gym machine is designed to accommodate a broad range of users so it's been tested to be used be users of up to 130kg (20 stone), proof that this is a durable bit of kit.

The console display on the Iridium has plenty to offer the keen fitness enthusiast, it has a range of 32 levels of resistance to keep your workouts intensity at the maximum level as you can expect to become fitter and fitter with every use of the cross trainer. The 12 preset workout programs that the Iridium comes with are designed to help keep your motivational levels at there peak, these programs can add great variation to your training regime if you find that the same workout day in day out starts to become a bit tedious you aren't going to be as determined to push yourself.

The self generating design on the cross trainer is both eco-friendly and highly convenient, basically it works as you exercise the console is powered up so you generate the power yourself. This allows you to place the Iridium any were in your home, it also has a pretty small foot print so it won't dominate a lot of space either.

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