Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Infiniti Premier Weight Bench With Rack, Preacher Pad & Lat Pulldown

The Premier Weight Bench from Infiniti offer's a durable, compact design but with a few more additional extras that give it an edge over it's many rivals in the under £300.00 weight bench category.

To cut straight to the point this bench has three extras that provide it with the upper hand, the first of which is the lat pulldown attachment. This attachment can be slotted into the front of the bench to allow you to work various angles of your back but can also be used for tricep pushdowns ideal to be combined with at the end of a chest workout. The second feature would be the preacher pad attachment, this pad can also be placed at the front of the weight bench so that you can add some bulk to your arms, this exercise would be ideal after a back workout as your biceps have already been worked quite thoroughly through that. The last extra is the pec dec station built in to the bench, this nifty little option can be used when the back pad is flat and will add definition and width to your chest, we'd recommend performing after a flat bench press set.

The Premier Pro does also cover the conventional barbell bench features such as the 9 position adjustable back pad from flat to inclines & decline, the rack is also adjustable and has a 150kg user weight accommodate various users. The oversized tubular framework on the bench will make sure that it feels solid and durable when using it so you can really focus on your workout without any concern for the bench giving away on you. If your really, really pushed for space the bench can fold upwards into the rack when not in use cutting the length in half almost.

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