Friday, 3 February 2012

The new Horizon Adventure 5 Plus Treadmill designed to put other's to shame

This beast of a treadmill from Horizon is designed for the serious runners out there, this fitness machine is designed to take a pounding and to keep you motivated, it carries a whopping 2.75 chp motor for a smooth, efficient run. It's designed to endure the most intense workouts you can throw at it and will be provide an outstanding performance on a consistent basis.

The 17 built in programmes on the running machine are there to help keep your workouts mixed and varied, this system will 1. prevent boredom kicking in and reducing the effort you put in because you no longer look forward to your workouts on the treadmill and 2. greatly stimulate a quicker rate of fat loss, because your muscles have memory they can anticipate what to expect if you keep doing the same workouts however changing your workouts around keeps them guessing and keeps the fat dropping.

If your planning on some lengthy sessions on the treadmill then you'll be thankful of the durable, multi-ply belt with Adjustable Cushioning System, with running been so high impact this cushioning system on the running belt will reduce the strain applied to your joints therefore you can concentrate on the workout at hand, as oppose to the pain in your joints.

Want to know more about the Horizon Adventure 5 Plus Treadmill? Here's a video to give you some more background information for you:

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