Monday, 6 February 2012

PureFitness Pull Up & Dip Station back in stock today

Our very own pull up & dipping station the PS400 has just come back into stock this morning, this powertower allows you to perform bodyweight exercises such as, multi-position pull ups/chin ups, dips, abdominal leg raises and also push ups. It can aid substantially in boosting your upper body natural strength and also adding a lot of muscle mass to the areas exercised as a result of this.

Using natural exercises is key to building the foundations of your body, with an increase in your natural strength you will notice improvements with other exercises that involve gym machines or free weights creating a quicker progression of your overall strength and therefore muscle too.

We retail the PS400 home gym at £139.99 and is an exclusive product to us, it can take user weight limits of up to 100kg for a vast range of users and a refection of the quality of the powertower. The high density foam upholstery and comfortable hand grips should make using it far more comfortable, combine this with the heavy gauge steel construction this gym will feel solid, sturdy and easy to use.

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