Monday, 9 September 2013

Exercise Target Pro Free Standing Punch Bags (New Product)

The exercise target free standing punch bags are great for anyone who is looking to start out. The punch bags provide you with an affordable piece of equipment. They come in two sizes the red is the medium standing at 165cm (56 inches) and the large punchbag that comes in black stands at 193cm (76 inches). The red bag weighs 69kg when filled with water and the black (bigger bag) one weighs a massive 113kg when filled with water. You always have the option of using sand rather than water in order to add extra weight to either size.

The exercise Target Pro Medium & Large Free Standing Punch Bags are two of the most durable, heavy hitting bags in our boxing range. These bags can withstand tough boxing workouts whether it be punching combinations, kicks, knees or elbows they can handle whatever you have to throw at them.The flexible neck endlessly absorbs the impact when you hit it to allow for quick succession workouts with greater intensity, the high density foam technology on this free standing bag prevents tearing. The unique target concept design allows you to organise your workout and challenge yourself with the different numbered zones for precision and accuracy. 

All of these factors combine to make the two bags the perfect choice for you whether you are just starting out or are an experienced pro you wont go wrong with the sturdy design and great build quality. They are currently on offer via the links below. The medium bag is reduced from £249.99 to £169.99 and the heavy bag (black) was £299.99 and is now just £199.99. Grab them while you can as you wont find them anywhere else.

Medium Bag (Red)
Heavy Bag (Black) 

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