Monday, 28 October 2013

15kg Dumbell Set by Purefitness&sports (HD-1102)

The Pure Fitness & Sports 15kg Dumbell Vinyl Weights Set features everything you need to mould your body into perfect shape. Dumbells are the most versatile home gym equipment allowing you to work every muscle on your body in various ways adding depth and blend to your workouts, a must have for anybody looking to enhance their home gym.

With the weight set you recieve 4 x 1.25kg, 4 x 2.5kg plates and 2 x dumbell bars as well as 4 x   spinlock bar collars. The separate components allow you to adjust the weight as you become able to lift more weight or to use with different routines. The weight plates are vinyl coated, this makes them silent during use making them a great choice for home workouts. The spinlock with threaded bar design secures the plates tightly in place, giving you a safe workout.

You can do a range of exercises if you combine the dumbells (db) with a bench:
- Chest: flat, incline & decline db press, flat incline & decline db flyes, dumbell pullovers

- Back: db bent over rows, single arm rows, renegade rows

- Shoulders: shoulder press, lateral raises, front raises, reverse flyes, upright rows
- Biceps: db biceps curls, concentration curls, incline db curls
- Triceps: db triceps extensions, triceps kickbacks, overhead db extensions
- Legs: lunges, db deadlifts, db romanian deadlifts
- Abs: weighted crunches

They are currently reduced from £29.99 to £24.97 giving you another reason to purchase this great product. Please see the link below for more details on the product. 

Click here to purchase the PureFitness & Sports 15kg HD-1102 Vinyl Dumbell Set 

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