Monday, 21 October 2013

Purefitness&Sports MCL800 Exercise Bike

The Purefitness&Sports MCL800 exercise bike has a selection of great features for the reduced price of £199.99, it uses a 7kg balanced flywheel to ensure users have a completely smooth cycling motion when exercising for enjoyable workouts. 

 The MCL800 bike has 16 different levels of magnetic resistance that become increasingly difficult, gradually increasing these levels as you become fitter will help keep your workouts just as beneficial and intense as the previous one. The bike also has 12 pre-installed programmes with various workouts to target fat loss and simulate hill training, taking full advantage of these programmes will help maintain a high level of motivation as they vary your training to keep it interesting. 

The MCL800 is designed to accommodate a vast range of users, it has a large user capacity of 18.8 stone and the large cushioned seat pad can be adjusted both horizontal and vertical so that everybody can find their optimum comfort position. Regular training on the MCL800 for a least 3 times a week will massively aid in the reduction of fat loss and will also tone and strength your leg muscles, exercise bikes are particularly beneficial as they're so low impact they don't apply barely any pressure to your joints unlike running. This exercise bike from Pure Fitness & Sports is up to the task of helping your reach fitness and physique goals no matter what they are. 

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