Monday, 6 January 2014

PF&S Cross Trainer & Rowing Machine Package

This PureFitness & Sports cardio package features the MXT800 Cross Trainer and the R800 Rowing Machine, these two fitness machines boast a fantastic array of superb features designed to help you lose weight, tone up and increase general fitness levels.

Both machines come with a range of increasingly difficult resistance levels to keep every workout just as challenging and as just as intense as the previous workout. The rower and cross trainer operate from an heavy internal balanced flywheel with a magnetic braking system, this system enables the machines to operate smoothly and silently during use.

To keep you motivated the cross trainer has 12 built in workout programmes with individual benefits for each one, we'd recommend trying each one to see how your body responds to the varied workouts, the R800 rower has a built in pulse receiver on the handle so that you can monitor and work within specific heart rate parameters during your rowing workouts.
Both machines are compact however the tubular, thick framework design allows them to accommodate users up to 18 Stone, they also have convenient transport wheels positioned at the front for quick and easy storage when out of use.

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