Friday, 11 July 2014

Marcy Eclipse RS5000 Power Rack Gym With High & Low Pulley System

The RS5000 Power Rack from the Marcy Eclipse range is a unique, distinctive and innovative piece of home gym equipment. This rack has basically pulled essential features from various equipment and collaborated it into one machine.
Was: £799.99 Current Price: £599.99
It combines the pure free weight training with a barbell rack, cable training with the high and low pulley systems and body weight training with the pull up bar and dip handles.The collaboration of all three forms of strength training into your fitness regime will provide truly ground breaking results as you draw in exercises from all three of these different styles.

Key Features Of The Product
  • Height adjustable commercial style chrome bar & safety catchers
  • Thick durable 14 heavy gauge steel frame
  • High pulley system with lat bar attachment
  • Low pulley system with straight bar attachment and foot rest plate for seated row
  • Multiple grip pull up bar
  • Adjustable dip handles
  • Weight plate storage at the rear
  • Rack can accept 7ft wide barbells in standard or olympic
  • Maximum Load Capacity on Rack: 180kg / 396 lbs / 28.3 Stone
  • Can be used with standard 1" or olympic 2" weights (not included)
  • Assembled Dimensions: Length: 170cm (64") x Width: 114cm (45") x Height: 220cm (85")
  • Manufacturers Warranty: 1 year limited parts

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