Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Marcy MP2106 Platinum Home Multi Gym now comes with a Free Exercise Bike Included

You looking for more than just your bog standard basic boring multi gym? One of our long standing favourite multi gyms the Marcy MP2106 Platinum Home Gym is set to be discontinued so as a send off promotion we're throwing in a free Marcy Exercise Bike for good measure in case you fancy supplementing your strength training with a bit of cardio too.

Marcy MP2106 Platinum Home Multi Gym with Free Exercise Bike

A quick breakdown of this beast of a gym includes an adjustable chest press to shoulder press, the usual high and low pulleys with the leg developer like every other gym on the market has, the set apart features of the MP2106 come from the dedicated ab crunch station, free weight motion pec dec (which is brilliant from experience) and complete adjustability in the back and seat pads for perfect alignment.

Marcy MP2106 Platinum Home Multi Gym Features
Marcy MP2106 Multi Gym Features Breakdown

Compliment these attributes with a nice 62kg weight stack and you have great scope for building muscle or just toning up across your chest, shoulders, back, legs, arms and abs with this all round multi gym.

Marcy MP2106 Platinum Home Multi Gym Exercises
Marcy MP2106 Multi Gym Exercises
You can view the Marcy MP2106 to buy through the link below:

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