Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Marcy PM3800 Power rack

If your looking to train old school and just cover the fundamentals of weight training then look no further than the PM3800 Power Rack. The beauty of this power rack is that it allows you to safely squat and bench press on your own. Squats and Bench Press are two of the most important exercises for overall growth during training, both exercises engage a lot of muscle groups and require sustainable amounts of weight to have any proper effect. The power rack can allow you to safely complete these exercises with weights of up to 200kg on the bar and heavy tubular safety catches to catch the weight as oppose to you dropping it if it becomes to heavy. In addition to this the independent weight bench can be adjusted to flat, incline, decline and military pressing positions to engage different angles of your chest and open up a vast array of exercises when combined with a pair of dumbells. The pre-installed pull up bar can work varying angles of your back to add depth and size to it. If you'd like to find out any further information regarding the home gym then please visit here: http://www.purefitnessandsports.co.uk/Power Racks/Marcy PM3800 or call us on 0845 45 999 75. Thank you for visiting the PureFitness&Sports Official Blog

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