Thursday, 22 September 2011

New BH Fitness Weight Benches Exclusive Now In Stock

The Optima Utility Bench and Optima Press Weight Bench are the two new additions to the BH Fitness strength range we have to offer. The multi gyms have been such a huge success we have decided to expand their strength range we've these exquisite new pieces. 

The Optima Utility Bench is the ideal bench to blend with a pair of dumbells, it's versatile adjust ability from flat, incline, decline and full military press significantly broadens the range of exercises you can achieve. This will enable you to keep your workouts varied to stimulate your muscles to keep growing as oppose to getting use to the same exercises day in day out.

The Optima Press Bench is the bigger brother of the two, it once again features the adjustable backrest to allow the user to work different angles of their chest to make it evenly proportioned however this bench has plenty more to offer. The Optima Press has reverse catchers at the back to give you the capability to squat using a barbell on the catchers at the back, with the combination of the leg extension as well you have the perfect tools to bulk up your quads. It still of course has the preacher pad available at the front to help progress with building the biceps. 

If you would like to find out more about these benches then please follow benches/BH Fitness 
or feel free to call on 0845 45 999 75.

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