Friday, 30 December 2011

Horizon Torus 408 Multi Gym Functional Strength

The Torus 408 Multi Gym from Horizon Fitness doesn't follow the conventional stations that most of the gyms do, it's unique design has two adjustable pulley handles that range to 5 varying positions to simulate using free weight dumbells as you perform chest press, flyes, shoulder press, bicep curls and  plenty more. With just the handles alone you can focus exercising on each individual muscle group on the body but the Torus gym has an additional pulley station at the bottom and pulley station at the top as well increasing the diversity of this versatile home gym.

The Horizon Fitness gym doesn't just have it's exercise capabilities to boast about though, the components and sheer quality of this machine is also outstanding in comparison to others in it's price bracket. The sturdy oversized framework divides into three basepoints that ensures maximum durability so the gym doesn't shake during exercise. The pulley system consists of premium components that give the user a smooth ultra glide motion to prevent jerky movements when using the Torus is in use.

The 408 still has a couple more features left up it's sleeve that are crucial to the overall finesse it has. It has a 100kg weight stack in 5kg increments to give users the option to gradually progress in there training without having massive leaps in weight everytime they drop the pin down to the next weight. This is a key bonus that you get as it will make eack workout with this gym more intense and at the same time allowing you top get the results you want whether it be for toning up, adding size or for getting lean the Torus functional strength system can accommodate your needs. 

If on the off chance that something does happen to be faulty on the gym you are covered by a Horizon Fitness manufacturers warranty that lasts for life on the framework and a year on all parts. 

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