Thursday, 15 December 2011

Marcy SM600 Smith Machine & Weight Bench Back In Stock Today!

The SM600 Smith Machine Gym with removable Weight Bench from Marcy is a PureFitness & Sports exclusive product, it's one of our long time best selling products with good reason to, at £285.00 is offers superb quality for the price you pay.

The SM600 is the ideal gym machine for weight training at home especially if your not looking to bust the bank. The smith design means that you can train safely due to the adjustable safety catchers and multiple bar catchers located all the way down the uprights. Squats and bench press can now be performed to failure with these safe stop features in place for you. It's also a very durable, solid piece of gym equipment. You can load up to a 140kg on to the smith bar some to accommodate even serious, experienced weight lifters.

With the weight bench been removable you can also invest in a range of dumbbells to combine with the bench for an extremely versatile exercise range. With the bench been able to adjust to flat, incline and decline positions you'll be able to exercise all the major muscle groups in the body and more. 

If you already have weight plates that you was looking to use with this machine but worried that they don't fit then problem solved. The SM600 can take both standard 1" and olympic 2" weight plates so you can put your weight plates to good use and combine with the smith.

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